AirConsole – Taking social video games to another level!

As a technologically versatile gaming solution, it is easy to see why AirConsole is quickly becoming one of the front-runners in online gaming.

AirConsole employs a technology where any smart device can be instantly transformed into a gamepad. All you need to play is to log on to the website on your computer’s browser and select the game of your choice. A code will be generated instantly. You will then log on to the website on your smartphone and enter the code, and you are ready to start playing.

This not only does away with the need for expensive extra hardware, but the games are absolutely free. The variety of games available on the AirConsole platform is quite impressive, too.


AirShields is a multiplayer game that requires you to form a team before you start. This team is your air fleet, and your objective is to develop a defensive …